Funding: United Cricket Club – Sofia

Time frame: 2012 – present

Cricket is a British game extremely popular both in the UK and in all of the former colonies of the British Empire. Cricket is also a sport that can be adapted to be practised by children with special needs.

Below can be found several variations of the game, adapted for the children visiting the Medical Center “Kids with Developmental Problems”. Trainings are carried out by the coach of the national cricket team Saif-ur Rehman and the captain of the women’s team Dimitrinka Slavcheva using a special methodology and program for children with disabilities.

Beginning in January 2012 were developed wheelchair cricket, cricket with parents/friends and table cricket that can be practised by children with cerebral palsy, with wheelchairs or with difficult coordination. If the child has no understanding of the system for counting and accumulation of points, images can be used. Playing table cricket can help in the following areas: teamwork, coordination, self-esteem, communication skills, physical and mental development; physical development – control of movements, new skills and techniques; psychological benefits – self-esteem, tactical skills and awareness; learning to count and how to follow the rules of the game and others.

Over the years we successfully developed our cricket team called the “Cubs”, which was formed in 2011. Since then, the days for playing cricket have become a kind of holiday for our children, their siblings and their parents. In November 2012, we even organized together with “United Cricket Club – Sofia” the First National Cricket Tournament for Adapted Table Cricket for children with disabilities. The event was conducted with the support of the National Sports Academy and numerous volunteers. 8 teams participated from 5 cities in Bulgaria. Every year numerous demonstration matches and meetings are held in Sofia and around the country. The number of teams increases with each passing year. The team of the “Kids with Developmental Problems” Foundation took part in the Sports Day for the Region Studenstki on the Day of Sofia in 2014.