Funding: donations, funds owned by the Foundation and Club “Parents”

Time frame: 2008 – present

At our art workshops / art weekends the children usually draw pictures or create objects, which are then sold to purchase materials for the ergo- and Montessori- therapies. Since 2012, we launched a new initiative for making jewelry from glass for parents of children attending the center with the goal of strengthening the informal relationships in the community and to the effect of art therapy. These meetings take place once or twice a month. The crafted jewelry gave us the opportunity to participate in several exhibitions and fairs, and thus to promote the cause of our children.

In 2013, the Foundation, together with a group of active mothers of children visiting the Medical Center, created the ‘Dreams workshop”, where many small gifts, martenitsi (traditional Bulgarian bracelets), handmade toys, ornaments and jewelry are handmade. The foundation usually participates with these goods in several Christmas charity markets in Sofia, as well as exhibitions such as the XXVII National Exhibition of Traditional Crafts with International Participation – “Oreshak 2013”, which took place between May 1st – 5th, 2013. This way we try to regularly promote the cause of our children.