Funding: SMS send by viewers of the charity edition of the reality show “VIP Brother 3” and the bank account of the cause for viewers of the show

Time frame: April, 2009

In April 2009, the Foundation participated as one of the causes in the charity edition of the reality show “VIP Brother 3”. The Foundation decided to participate for these two reasons: the need for funds for the completion and equipment of the Medical Center “Kids with Developmental Problems” and the opportunity to make society aware of the problems of children with multiple permanent disabilities. The funds were disbursed in three stages – in August 2009, October 2009 and March 2010. Part of the collected amount aided us to fully complete the inside and outside of the Medical Center and have it ready for work. With another part we secured the equipment of the therapeutic cabinets as requested by the specialists who were going to work there. The third part was used to provide free procedures and orthoses for children. In order to ensure transparency in the disbursement of funds, the costs incurred were approved by the the management of Nova Televizia.